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This Year, Make Memorial Day Count

This year, with one small step, you can honor the memory of fallen service members in a truly meaningful way. Take the pledge to #MakeMemorialDayCount for the thousands of veterans who need our help right now by honoring and supporting veterans in need.

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    Gifts of Hope

    You can make a lasting impact in the life of someone in need by giving a Gift of Hope. Our Gifts of Hope provide alternative giving options – allowing you to give a gift that will touch – and possibly change – the life of a man, woman or child in need.

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    Make a Major, Make a Major Difference

    You can make a difference –and not just the “thank you today, we’ll forget about it tomorrow” kind of difference – but the life-saving…. The life-changing kind.

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    85 cents out of every dollar supports community services for people in need.