Kyra Gilliam

Kyra Gilliam never thought she would end up homeless. But after years of domestic abuse that ended in divorce, Kyra was left emotionally and physically scarred on the streets of Baltimore with nowhere to go. After spending some time in a local shelter, Kyra was referred to Paca House in 2019. That’s when everything changed. In addition to receiving her own fully furnished one-bedroom apartment, Kyra received her own therapist to help her heal from her past trauma and address a manic depressive disorder.

 Today, Kyra still lives peacefully at Paca House and is no longer crippled by her past. Because Paca House is centrally located in the city and directly across from Lexington Market, she is grateful for and enjoys being able to easily access additional resources and services she needs including groceries. Kyra is also able to easily visit her daughter who lives a short distance away in Fells Point. Kyra’s mother, who is 81 and lives in Carroll County, also visits Kyra.

 “Some of the struggles the struggles I dealt with was homelessness because of my ex. We had everything together and I lost my half. But then again, I’m glad that I lost my half because I have to look at what I have now. I was placed in a shelter. And then when I was shown my apartment at Paca House, I thought ‘Wow. I can’t believe that I actually have my own [place] and I don’t have to worry about someone else coming in telling me what to do, pushing me around, laying hands on me. I don’t have to worry about that. It’s a blessing I’m sitting here. I was thrown out of a moving vehicle and was placed in the hospital and now I’m here. So, it’s a blessing.”

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