We apologize, but this year's Spiritual Colloquium scheduled for May 19, 2021 was unfortunately cancelled due to precautions around COVID 19.

However VOACC will continue to host our series of virtual discussions entitled Healing Conversations. To learn more and see the topics for our 2021 - 2022 series click here.


For those who want to become actively engaged in addressing issues that impact our communities, we invite you to join our Spiritual Development Coalition. By joining the coalition, you will have the opportunity to collaborate with others in the community to specifically address the following topics and devise solutions – education, youth & culture, moral injury, housing, social justice, and mental health & wellness. 

Coalition meetings are convened on a quarterly basis by the following staff of Volunteers of America Chesapeake & Carolinas:

  • Education – Lionel Gloster
  • Youth and Culture – Patricia Bunting
  • Moral Injury – Richard Bontz
  • Housing – Charles and Sandra Wilson
  • Social Justice – George Lino and Davina Alston
  • Mental Health – Reginald and Jana Berhow


October 31, 2019- Spiritual Development Coalition Meeting Notes

June 26, 2019 - Highlights of First Spiritual Development Coalition Meeting

May 22, 2019 - 2019 Spiritual Development Colloquium General Observation Report

Summary of 2019 Spiritual Development Colloquium Work Group Reports


Moral Injury is a relatively recent term used to describe a crisis that soldiers have faced for centuries, the internal suffering that results from breaking your own moral code. It's a wound of the conscience, and it's not just military members who struggle. Anyone can experience Moral Injury. To learn more visit www.voa.org/moral-injury-center.