Hope Has A Home™

4515 Edson Pl, NE, Washington, DC 20019

A Medical Respite Model in the Nation’s Capital


Hope Has A Home™ is an innovative, low-barrier program with medical respite, behavioral health, and social support services for homeless individuals designed to improve the health status of participating and eligible recipients in the District of Columbia. The primary focus of the program is the long-term reengagement of participants experiencing homelessness with the goal, upon completion of the program, that participants secure supported permanent housing.

In collaboration with AmeriHealth Caritas District of Columbia, Unity Health Care Inc. and Pathways to Housing DC, Hope Has A Home™ uses a care strategy that provides temporary housing and short-term medical care in a safe and supportive environment to help participants through their recovery process.

Residential Homes

Phase 1 House

Medical Respite Facility

An 8-bed residential facility (located at 4515 Edson Pl, NE.) with the primary focus on recovery from medical conditions. Participants also receive behavioral health (substance use and mental health disorder) treatment and vulnerability assessments for housing prioritization and assessment for enrollment into District and other benefits. Length of program: Up to 30 days.

Phase 2 House

Step Up Facility

An 8-bed residential facility (located at 6520 First St. NW.) with the primary focus to prepare participants to seek permanent housing, address behavioral health issues, and enhance their socialization skills. Length of program: Up to 90 days.


Services are available to individuals in need of care who are . . .

  • Insured through AmeriHealth Caritas D.C. Medicaid
  • Single males 18 years + experiencing homelessness or housing instability
  • Experiencing a medical condition requiring care outside an inpatient care setting

Referral Process

Participants may be identified at inpatient units in hospitals, emergency departments, nursing homes, skilled rehabs, or community agencies and can be directly referred by these sites or by AmeriHealth Caritas D.C. AmeriHealth Caritas D.C. then determines the level of care and potential participant eligibility.

Once the level of care approved by AmeriHealth Caritas D.C., and a bed has been confirmed at Hope Has A Home™, a staff member of Hope Has A Home™ will present to the discharging facility.

Hours of Operation

Residential Homes: 24 hours a day / 7 day a week

For inquiries regarding intakes or submissions:

Monday – Friday
9AM – 5PM


Our Partners

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