Ministry of Presence

The ministry of what it means to be truly present with self, others, and God/the Divine/Universe. For questions:


The Ministry of Presence is simply and profoundly “being” with one another, and teaching others how to better be present with themselves, with others, and ultimately with God, who is ever-present with us. So often, leaders, (ministers, doctors, social workers, counselors, executives, etc.,), are so busy “doing”, and they feel stressed, overwhelmed and alone.

Through the Ministry of Presence Training, the VOACC Ministry Team will holistically support you, your leaders and congregation/business, in “being”.  We will see how self-care, putting people over tasks, and taking time for spirituality truly transforms our hearts and minds. This interactive, inclusive training on the Ministry of Presence will help to refresh and refocus our attention to truly serve others as God has called us to do.

What’s Included

  • Inclusive training
  • In-person community oriented style sessions
  • Interactive self reflections techniques
  • Independent at your pace workbook
  • Take home tools to apply to everyday life
  • Education on meditation and mindfulness

We are also offering a free Ministry of Presence training to any VOACC Champions Sponsors of the Spiritual Colloquium.

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