Maple Court Veterans Transitional Housing Program Apartments

Maple Court
Veterans Transitional Housing Program Apartments

Maple Court provides veterans who are homeless or at risk of homelessness supportive services and temporary housing.


Volunteers of America Chesapeake & Carolinas supports military veterans who are homeless with supportive services and temporary housing at our Maple Court Veterans Transitional Housing Program located at 207 Commons Boulevard in North Durham, NC. Working in collaboration with the Veteran Affairs (VA) Grant and per Diem Program (GPD) since 2009, this 24-apartment facility exposes veterans to opportunities of income stability as well as health and housing. While working on goals of increased self-sufficiency, veterans connect with the Durham VA Medical Center services, community resources and employment opportunities.

Our staff and volunteers seek to provide the best environment possible for veterans transitioning from homelessness to permanent housing. In addition, staff engages the residents in case management services to better connect veterans with community resources. While at Maple Court, veterans may take advantage of the W. Travis Porter Veterans Resource Center which has computers available for job and housing searches, a TV, books and a small conference room for phone calls or meetings. If a Veteran does not have what is needed for apartment living, then Maple Court works to supply necessary items until the veteran is able to provide for him or herself.

No referral is required to apply, but the completion of an application is needed prior to admission interviews with VA and Maple Court staff.

Services Provided

  • Temporary Housing
  • Case Management
  • Housing Location Assistance
  • Employment Support
  • Ministry Support as Needed
  • Other Linkages to Community Resources


  • A veteran.
  • Household income does not exceed 50 percent of area median income.
  • Homeless or at risk of becoming homeless.


Since 2009, supporters like you have provided hope to nearly 600 of our nation’s heroes through the Maple Court Transitional Housing Program. You make it possible for veterans in need of housing or a safe place to recover from their injuries to experience hope. We are fortunate that the majority of what is need to operate this safe haven for veterans is provided by the Department of Veteran Affairs. But only givers of hope like you can help cover the gap that is not funded by the VA.

You can provide the housing and care our nation's heroes deserve.

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We offer two housing tracks

  • Bridge_20to_20Housing_three_20card_20image-01.jpg

    Bridge to Housing

    Provides safe, temporary housing in line with the Housing First Model while veterans work to secure permanent housing and income.

  • Hospital_20to_20Home_three_20card_20image-01.jpg

    Hospital to Home (H2H)

    Provides recuperative stays to homeless veterans who would otherwise remain hospitalized longer than necessary, and helps them secure income and permanent housing.

Hours of Operation 

Monday - Friday: 9AM – 5PM

For inquiries, please contact us at the phone numbers and email below:
Phone: 919-477-0571 or 919-477-0592