District of Columbia Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Services (DC I/DD)

Administrative Office Address: 7505 Greenway Center, Suite 201, Greenbelt, MD 20770

Phone: (301) 389-3156

Fax: (240) 539-4876

Hours of Operation:
Monday through Friday 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM (Administrative Office)
Monday through Friday 9:00 AM to 2:30 PM (Life Enrichment Center Day Programs)
24 hours/365 days a year (Residential Programs)
In-Home Support, Respite, Companion and Personal Care Services (Supportive Living Services – Individualized Schedules)

Program Description
The DC I/DD program serves people with intellectual/developmental disabilities receiving services in the District of Columbia. The goal of the program is to support people in becoming the best possible version of themselves in positive environments with the assistance of caring and trained staff.

Facility Description
Currently, DC I/DD services operates five ICF homes, three homes/four apartments in Waiver/Supportive Living and one residential habilitation home. Two day programs in the Life Enrichment Center are in operation to meet the needs of people supported – Active Day Treatment and Small Group Day.

Persons Served
All people served have an intellectual/developmental disability and receive funding through the District of Columbia Department of Disability Services (DDS).

Services Provided

  • Residential Services – Waiver (Supportive Living), Residential Habilitation and ICF funded homes
  • Day Services – Active Treatment Day and Small Group Day
  • In-Home Support, Respite, Companion and Personal Care Services

Staffing Pattern
Staffing patterns within each environment varies and are dictated by funding sources. Support staff who provide services include: direct support professionals, residential coordinators, qualified intellectual disability professionals, licensed practical nurses, and registered nurses. Leadership staff include: Billing Administrator, Director of Community Support, Clinical Director, Director of Compliance, Director of Nursing and the Executive Program Director.

VOAC began to provide services and supports in Washington, D.C. to people with intellectual/developmental disabilities in 2007.


28 people The five ICFs are all homes located within community neighborhoods. Environments are fully accessible and are staff 24/7 with direct support and nursing staff. Accessible vans are assigned to each home and allow for community activities, as well as, doctor appointments and general transportation. The capacity for each is either 5 or 6 people.

Residential Habilitation: 4 people
The residential habilitation home is located in a lovely, established residential area with a nicely landscaped back patio. There are four ladies living there and each person has her own bedroom. There are two shared living room areas and a dining area.

Waiver Houses: 10 people
Waiver homes are located in residential neighborhoods within established communities. Each home has shared living and dining spaces. Each person has his or her own bedroom.

Waiver Apartments: 5 people
Waiver apartments are located in multi-unit buildings and have no more than two people per unit. Each person has his or her own bedroom.