Baltimore Behavioral Health

Address: 1825 Woodlawn Dr. #202, Baltimore, MD 21207

Phone: (410) 298-2043

Fax: (410) 298-2015

Hours of Operation: Monday - Friday 8:30AM-4:30PM

Program Description
The Baltimore Behavioral Health Programs provide services for chronically mentally ill adults in Baltimore city. Clients are admitted and served in accordance with COMAR regulations for licensed group homes providing Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program(PRP) services in Residential Rehabilitation Programs(RRP) in Maryland's Public Mental Health System. Services (PMHS) and staffing are funded through the PMHS, Medicaid fee-for-service, Beacon Health Services. Consistent with the mission of Volunteers of America Chesapeake, the BBH programs support residents that are making positive life changes by making the sites home to the residents. Daily, individualized behavioral health and supportive services are provided that promote the growth and dignity of residents and help them maximize their strengths, skills, and abilities independently. The primary goal of each resident is to progress toward self-sufficiency and achieve independent living. The homes are well kept and clean and services are provided by trained professional staff, both residential and rehabilitation, on-site and in the community. Our program is unique, having housing in different areas in Baltimore city; we have developed a network of community resources, including several outpatient behavioral health clinics and day programs to assist in the complete care and development of our clients.

Facility Description
Baltimore Behavioral Health Program includes 7 group homes with a home-like setting in Baltimore City. All of the residential sites are staffed in accordance with the specific client needs, the majority of which are staffed 24 hours per day to ensure adequate support, services, and supervision.

Persons Served
The Baltimore Behavioral Health Program provides services for those diagnosed with a severe and persistent mental illness and who are at least 18 years of age and preference is given clients who resided in Baltimore City.

Services Provided
Baltimore Mental Health provides direct assistance with trained Residential Counselors who oversee the day to day routines of the clients. The clients in our program are offered comprehensive services which include rehabilitation activities, medication services, daily living skills, health promotion and training, case management, transportation, employment and education referrals, and crisis intervention.

Staffing Pattern
The Program staff consist of 1 Administrative Assistant, 30 full/part time Residential Counselor, 5 Residential Coordinator, 1 Rehabilitation Coordinator, 1 Rehabilitation Manager and 1 Program Director.

In 1990, Volunteers of America Chesapeake was award a grant from the Department of Housing and Mental Health and Hygiene-Behavioral Health Administration to open a residential program for adults with chronic mental illness. As a licensed Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program we have been reaching out to adults in Baltimore City and dedicated to transforming the lives of individuals with mental illness.

Program Highlights
CARF Accredited
Nurturing Environment
Stable Housing
24 hour supervision housing
Therapeutic Recreational Services
Life Skills
98% Consumer Satisfaction Rate
Aftercare Services upon discharge

For more information about the program please contact Mona Magruder, Senior Program Director at (410) 298-2043 or via email at