Bruce Cunningham

Bruce Cunningham spent 13 years in the Army, nine years of which were spent in Germany. As a child, he knew he always wanted to drive a semitruck. So, after he was discharged from service, that’s exactly what he did. For the next 20 years, he enjoyed the thrill of being on the open road, transporting goods across the country.

Bruce spent many hours each day traveling from state to state. So much so, that it became difficult for him to find time to get the exercise he needed to remain healthy. Over time, Bruce started having issues with his right leg. The hours he spent sitting behind the wheel were restricting his blood flow and eventually led to the need for amputation.

In 2022, Bruce’s amputation ended his career as a driver and left him with few prospects for employment. After his surgery, Bruce had nowhere to go.

That’s when he found Volunteers of America’s Maple Court Veterans Transitional Housing Program in Durham, NC.

Since July of 2022, amazing supporters of our nation’s heroes like you have provided Bruce an apartment, food, and care while our staff work to find him a permanent home that fits his retirement budget.

“I got here and I was able to get bills paid off and it’s put me in a better position. It’s a blessing to be here. It’s a ‘hand up’ instead of a ‘hand out’. This place helps get you back into society and have a better lifestyle.”

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