Ways to Get Involved

There are a number of ways you can support our advocacy initiatives:

  1. Join the Movement:
    • Write letters, send emails, call, fax and visit your local elected officials.

Don’t know who your elected official is? No problem:

Click here to find your legislature if you live in Maryland

Click here if you live in Virginia.

Click here if you live in D.C.


  1. Educate Others:
    • Share your concern with others.

Many people might not realize how the decisions our officials make impact not only our own lives but the life of our community.

They can also directly impact the men, women and children who are most vulnerable – and at times, not able to stand up and vote for themselves.


  1. Support Our Organization:
    • To make a lasting impact takes the work and coordination of many individuals.

Get involved with our organization or volunteer directly at one of our programs so you can see our work in action and understand the importance of our advocacy efforts.

You can also Give A Gift, monetary or in-kind, to help supplement the funding to our services.