VOA Works

VOA Works Workforce Development Program

VOA Works provides evidence-based interventions to remove barriers to employment for returning citizens and individuals living in low-income areas of Baltimore.


Located at our Harry & Jeanette Weinberg Community Reentry Resource Center in Baltimore at 4900 E. Monument St., VOA Works is an employment and training program designed to remove barriers to employment by building strong partnerships. VOA Works prepares participants for employment by providing a structured program that will address non-skill related barriers for employment for returning citizens and other at-risk populations.

In Maryland, an estimated 10,000 incarcerated adults are released into their communities each year without the opportunities and support needed to maximize their potential. As a result, roughly 40 percent of these individuals reoffend within three years of release. This problem is amplified within the city limits of Baltimore, which is home to 30 percent of people incarcerated in Maryland. Here at Volunteers of America Chesapeake & Carolinas, we work to provide the second chance this underserved population needs to succeed through our community re-entry services and the VOA Works program.

  • Services Provided

    • Case Management
    • Employment Readiness Assessment
    • Supportive Services
    • Development Skills
    • Training & Apprenticeship Programs
    • Vocational & Occupational Training
    • Placement into Unsubsidized Employment

  • Eligibility

    • Adults ages 25 or older
    • Released from prison or jail within 180 days of enrollment
    • Reside in an identified high-poverty
    • community in Baltimore City
    • Minimum or Medium level of risk
    • Never been convicted of a sex crime
    • Priority of service to veterans & spouses of veterans

  • Workforce Industries

    • Business Services
    • Healthcare ​& Social Assistance
    • Information Technology
    • Construction
    • Manufacturing
    • Transportation & Warehousing
    • Hospitality & Tourism
    • Bioscience

For inquiries, please contact us at:
Phone: (410) 826-0122
Kevin Trussell - ktrussell@voaches.org

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