VOA Chesapeake Careers


Here at Volunteers of America Chesapeake, we recognize the value of each individual employee and that the strength of Volunteers of America Chesapeake is in its people.

Valuable Opportunities:

  • Volunteers of America Chesapeake offers a professional and friendly work environment.
  • We have a broad spectrum of entry-level, mid-level, management and executive positions.
  • Our positions span the fields of administrative support, maintenance, outreach, social work, counseling, case management, property management, finance and technology. We encourage personal professional growth and offer in-house as well as community based training.
  • We promote qualified candidates from within the organization.
  • We cover the Mid-Atlantic area with 26 programs that spread geographically from Baltimore, MD to Virginia Beach, VA

Work that Matters

At Volunteers of America Chesapeake employees take pride in their work every day because employees help the organization provide our high-quality human services to people who need our help the most in your community. In your employment with us you know for certain that you make a difference in the lives of men, women and children.

A Winning Team

Volunteers of America Chesapeake recognizes that without the efforts of its employees the quality and consistency of the services it provides would not be possible. We strive to create a work environment that is productive, supportive and stimulating. We have a commitment to maximize the potential of all our employees while providing the best possible services to our clients and the community.