Victory for Our Veterans

Victory for Our Veterans

Help keep the 800 veterans and veteran families we serve in North Carolina safe during COVID-19.

VOA Chesapeake & Carolinas is committed to ensuring that those who served our country are valued and can live their lives with the dignity and independence they deserve. Our North Carolina-based programs are designed to fill the gap in supportive services for veterans and their families who are homeless or at risk of homelessness. Our programs offer a wide variety of services, including transitional housing, individualized case management, housing location assistance and stabilization, and job placement assistance.

During to COVID-19, our most vulnerable veterans need us now more than ever. Because of COVID-19 and social distancing, many of the resources and connections they have aren’t available. To help ensure our clients remain housed, nourished and safe, we've launched our Victory for Our Heroes campaign.

Between now and June 30, 2020, you can help us achieve our goal of raising $10,000 to support our veterans by donating now and recruiting your friends, family and colleagues to get involved and help solicit donations through our JustGiving page.

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As part of our campaign, we'll be sending weekly emails until June 30, 2020 featuring our clients and their stories of triumph. To receive our stories, you can join our mailing list by selecting the link below:


Our Veteran Stories

  • Rogerica Brown

    Former Military Police Woman

    Read about how our Homeless Veterans Reintegration program changed Rogerica's life for the better in Durham, NC.

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  • Clinton Pope

    U.S. Air Force Veteran

    Read about how our Homeless Veterans Reintegration program helped Clinton gain employment during COVID-19.

    Read Clinton Pope's Story
  • Dale Ogborn

    Former Military Policeman

    Read about how Dale was able to recover from hip surgery and find a home through our Maple Court program.

    Read Dale Ogborn's Story
  • Mark Olin

    Former Army Combat Engineer

    Read about how Mark overcame 15 years of homelessness after joining our Maple Court program.

    Read Mark Olin's Story
  • Deborah Alba

    Former Army Personnel/Administrative Chief

    Read how Deborah overcame homelessness and found a job where she can be a blessing to others.

    Read Deborah Alba's Story
  • Dawn Martin

    Former Army Information Systems Technician

    Read how Dawn found employment after losing her job during COVID-19.

    Read Dawn Martin's Story