Residential Program Center

The Residential Program Center (RPC) provides three crucial services – non-medical detoxification, substance abuse recovery and housing services for single adults experiencing homelessness – all under one roof.

Within this unique program, a 12-bed detoxification unit provides social model detoxification services for up to 14 days; a 10-bed Early Recovery Unit provides intensive post-detoxification treatment services for up to three months; and a 44-bed homeless shelter provides housing-focused case management, education training, job training, referral services, behavioral health treatment services, and 12-step based meetings on-site.

Housed within Arlington County's Department of Human Services, our Diversion and Prevention Services offers linkage to emergency food, financial assistance, housing placement programs, other supportive services to prevent entrance into homelessness, and shelter as a last resort option. VOAC works closely to engage homeless households on finding the right, most affordable housing options. VOAC has worked closely with Arlington County and partner agencies to establish the unified shelter standards, taking part in the 1010 line, and is the lead agency for Prevention and Diversion Programs. VOAC offers case management services to all clients and assists with developing an individualized plan to address financial stability, increasing employment, assessing for housing type, and assists with how clients can remain permanently housed.

RPC services are targeted towards adults experiencing homelessness for the Emergency Shelter or for households at-risk of experiencing homelessness for the Diversion/Prevention Services. Early Recovery and Non-Medical Detoxification services are designed to assist individuals suffering from addiction who desire a clean, safe, and healing environment to overcome the hold of substance abuse.

For more info. about RPC call (703) 228-0026

Hours of Operation: 24/7

Arlington, VA
1554 Columbia Pike
Arlington VA 22204

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