As part of our People Like Us campaign, we are hosting a series of engaging and educational webinars on important topics related to mental health and substance use. We invite you to join us for these FREE opportunities to learn and engage in discussions on topics that may impact you or others in your community.

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Upcoming & Past Webinars

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    Supporting Youth Social-Emotional Learning Amidst COVID-19

    Join parents, educators, mental health professionals and students for this important discussion as we explore the benefits and challenges of remote learning, how it impacts students socially, and how educators are using social-emotional learning to support and promote student wellbeing.

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    Health Disparities & Cultural Competency

    Hear from Mark A. Harrison and Nicolette Smith-Bligen as they discuss why Black and Latinx individuals have substantially lower access to mental health and substance use treatment services, often end treatment services prematurely, and experience less culturally responsive care.

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    Co-Occurring Conditions Among Veterans

    Hear from Dr. Daniel Bochicchio, Army veteran and Executive Director of our VOA Hope Center, about why active military and veterans are at high risk of developing mental health and medical issues, and how we all can help mitigate that risk.

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    Substance Abuse Among Older Adults

    Hear from Dr. Robert Cosby from Howard University's School of Social Work Multidisciplinary Gerontology Center as we explore why seniors are at high risk for substance misuse and how we can address this widespread issue.

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    Media's Impact on Mental Health

    Hear from entrepreneur and mental health advocate Ashley Brittaney Silva; and our Vice President of Maryland Programs, Dr. Sheryl Neverson, as we explore the positive and negative impacts social media can have on the mental and emotional well-being of adolescents and adults.

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