Northern Virginia Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Services

Address: 12940 Harbor Drive, Woodbridge, VA 22192

Phone: (703) 497-9320

Fax: (703) 497-9323

Hours of Operation: Administrative Office is open Monday through Friday, 8:30am to 5:00pm.
Services are provided 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Program Description
We provide an array of support services to people who have Intellectual or Developmental Disabilities. (I/DD). We have group homes (6), apartments (3); provide crisis stabilization services, as well as In Home Supportive Services throughout Northern Virginia. We provide Person Centered Supports to people with the goal of fostering independence, and bringing meaning and purpose to everyone supported in the program. People are supported to become active, healthy, happy members of their community.

Eligibility criteria include:

  1. Intellectual or Developmental Disability diagnosis.
  2. Medicaid Waiver recipient, or ability to pay privately for services.

Facility Description
We do not have facilities. We have homes and apartments that are licensed by the state of Virginia. Various government agencies provide oversite to our program, including The Office of Human rights and Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services Licensure, as well as the Community Service Boards.

Persons Served
We are currently serving 41 people.

Services Provided
Individualized supports for each person, to include behavior management, help with hygiene, and all activities of daily living, skill building, medication administration, crisis stabilization, managing medical needs, health and safety training, transportation, pursuit of natural supports, community integration. Our highly trained, caring DSP staff assists and supports each person according to their needs, while teaching them to do whatever they can do for themselves. We provide beautiful homes and apartments for them to live in. Additionally, we provide In Home Supportive Services to people who live with their family, friends, or on their own in the same manner as we do in group homes.

Staffing Pattern
Patterns vary according to each person's needs. Group homes and apartments are typically staffed around the clock, with the usual ratio of 1 staff to 3 people. In Home Supports are provided on a 1 staff to 1 person ratio.

We currently have a tri-annual license for our group homes and apartments. In the year 2016 we added crisis stabilization services and In Home Supportive Services.