Intern Assessment Form (Employer Assessment)

Supervisor's Role

The internship supervisor should be an individual who will directly supervise the work of the intern. The individual should also be considered a highly-trained professional in the skills the intern hopes to improve.

It is the supervisor's responsibility to help develop an internship work plan with the student's learning objectives in mind. The supervisor should also schedule regular meetings with the intern to discuss the intern's progress and any difficulties they may be facing. In reality, hiring an intern can be fairly time consuming and the supervisor should be prepared to spend ample time working with the intern to provide additional training and guidance.

  • Internships require the weekly or bi-weekly review with the intern of the intern’s internship journal. (See example on page….)
  • Internships also require all internship work supervisors to complete an initial internship approval form and an intern assessment form regarding the performance of the intern.
  1. PART I
    Please complete this evaluation at the end of the student’s work period.You are encouraged to discuss the completed form with the intern to aid in their professional development.The evaluation is a mechanism that the Faculty has employed to inform its continuous improvement program, therefore it is not confidential.Please use the scale below to evaluate your intern’s performance in the following areas:

    1) General Workplace Performance

  2. 2) Specific Job Assignment Performance

  3. PART II

    This section gives you the opportunity, as an experienced professional, to make recommendations that would help in the professional development of the student as well as give the Faculty some insight into the areas that may need more attention.