Four Oaks Day Service Center


Address:  7401 Warwick Blvd., Newport News, VA 23607

Phone:    (757) 926-8643                                                                 

Hours of Operation:   7:00 AM - 7:00 PM, Daily

Program Description:

The Four Oaks Day Service Center offers the daily delivery of social services to individuals and families experiencing homelessness in Newport News, VA, assisting them in making lifestyle changes that will lead to permanent housing and eventual independence. The target population is Newport News residents who are literally homeless on the streets, in emergency shelters, and places not meant for human habitation. Additionally, the population shall include those who chronically move in and out of unstable housing, and those in a housing crisis who may become homeless without appropriate support or assistance.

VOAC’s role at the Newport News Day Service Center (DSC) includes initial assessment and engagement with homeless individuals and families, provision of safety and a sanctuary where our most vulnerable may access basic needs such as food, showers, toiletries, clothing, laundry facilities, telephones, mail, as well as more intensive services through case management. The DSC serves as a one-stop shop where people have immediate access to a combination of services, rather than having to go to various locations for different services.  In collaboration with our community partners co-located on site, VOAC is able to assess the needs of the individual/family, and then connect the individual/family with our partners to enhance the opportunity for success.  VOAC is committed to forging partnerships with community and faith-based organizations and local law enforcement.  VOAC’s history of partnerships is mission and client-focused with excellent community relationships as the cornerstone of ending homeless.

Evidence-Based Practice (EBP) Approach

VOAC will utilize and implement the Broker Case Management Model.  It is a model that research experts have identified as effective and evidenced- based for homeless case management systems.  Utilizing the Broker Case Management Model, VOAC staff will coordinate services provided by a variety of Newport News local agencies and professionals.  In line with best practices, VOAC will assess needs using the Vulnerability Index-Services Prioritization Decision Assistance Tool (VISPDAT) to ensure it is targeting the persons with the highest needs.  The VISPDAT meets HUD’s nine criteria for choosing a standardized assessment tool and is used as a best-practice.

Implementing a one-stop approach to service deliver for the homeless ensures delays in providing services are significantly reduced. As people seek services at the DSC, Services Support Workers (SSWs) along with other VOAC staff will greet and orient them to the center. An initial assessment and Homeless Management Information System (HMIS) intake will be completed by SSWs, and they will ensure that all personal information is correct and confidentially maintained. Facility tours will be given at any point during the day, and SSWs will provide guests with a map/diagram of the facility and show where they may access showers, rest areas, and case management services. All persons will be instructed on the use of the showers, laundry facilities, computer lab, cell phone area, clothing and food pantry, and lockers. Based upon the initial assessment, the Housing-Focused Case Manager will identify the person’s needs and connect them to resources co-located in the DSC. All referrals are made on the same day and persons can choose which ones they feel are the highest priority to start. The Resource and Activities Specialist will then monitor the person’s progress, periodically re-assessing the person’s needs and directing the person to the appropriate service providers.

Population Served:

  • Anyone experiencing homelessness.
  • Adults ages 18 or older/children accompanied by a parent or guardian;
  • Reside in the City of Newport News;

Facility Description:

The DSC is an innovative resource center designed as “one-stop” shop for individuals and families experiencing homelessness. It is a 65,000 square foot building which includes space community stakeholders. Security is provided by the City of Newport News.

Services Provided:

Services will include but are not limited to:

  • Check-in desk
  • Multi-purpose spaces
  • Quiet resting spaces
  • Mail/message center
  • Day room
  • Snacks and/or access to food
  • Laundry
  • Restrooms and Showers (including private and accessible)
  • Children’s area/child care
  • Private meeting and counseling spaces
  • Computer lab
  • Telephone access center
  • Haircuts
  • Community meeting spaces
  • Storage for personal items
  • Secure bicycle parking/storage
  • Transportation to and from the facility, if needed
  • Transportation services sufficient to support and benefit and housing procurement
  • Low Barrier, client-centered, trauma-informed approach to case management services (beginning the first day a participant is admitted into the Day Service Center)
  • Strategies to assist with acquisition of personal documents required to obtain housing, employment and benefits (e.g., proper identification, birth certificate, and Social Security card)
  • Budgeting and financial literacy services
  • Job search and workforce skill development resources
  • Transportation support to assist with securing housing, employment and/or benefits, as necessary and appropriate
  • Holistic approach to securing permanent housing solutions utilizing a coordinated network of supportive services staff, to include the Newport News Department of Human Services and other partners as necessary
  • Guide or intervene, as appropriate, to help participants address disabling conditions and access medical, mental health and/or substance use treatment and services

Staffing Pattern:

The Program staff consists of 1 Program Director, 1 transportation specialist, 1 resource specialist, 1 service worker; 1 maintenance worker and 2 security workers provided by the City of Newport News.