Eastern Avenue Apartments

Address: 506 62nd Place, Seat Pleasant, MD 20743

Phone: (301) 925-6333

Fax: (301) 925-6335

Hours of Operation: Monday–Friday 9:00AM-5:00PM

Program Description
The Resident Services (RS) Program is a voluntary program and functions as a case management/counseling component and community resource liaison to establish opportunities for residents to improve their present situations and work towards self-sufficiency. When a resident moves into the complex, staff provides orientation to the RS program and encourages the resident to participate. During the initial orientation, an assessment is given to the resident which identifies the needs of the individuals/family. From the assessment, staff members are able to provide services and referrals to the resident through partnering with local agencies and organizations within the community to enhance the quality of life for the resident and their family. The primary goal of services is eviction prevention—to help residents keep their homes in partnership with property management. Our other primary goal is to implement creative programs and services to enhance the quality of life for the resident and their family. To further participation, regular resident meetings are held.

Facility Description
Eastern Avenue Apartments has a total of 88 two bedroom apartments with on-site laundry facilities. A community room for program activities and meetings are also available to the residents

Persons Served
Low income families, seniors, persons with disabilities, and veterans

Eligibility criteria include:

  1. Resident must be on the waiting list.
  2. Must pass a credit and background check by Property Management.
  3. Complete income and tax credit certification annually with Property Management.

Services Provided
Our services include but are not limited to: case management, financial literacy, computer literacy, life skills training, youth mentoring after school program, eviction prevention, tenant-landlord mediation, individual advocacy, benefits assistance, holiday activities and services as needed/requested by residents.

Staffing Pattern
Program Director, 2 Resident Service Coordinators, Property Manager and Property Management Staff

The Eastern Avenue Apartments were developed and opened in 1994 by owners VOA, Inc. and VOAC, Inc. In 2012 VOAC sold its ownership interests to VOA National. In 2012 and 2013 the property was awarded LIHTC's and underwent major renovations.

For more information about the program please call (301) 925-6333.