Developmental Disabilities Services

The Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities (I/DD) Program of Volunteers of America Chesapeake and Carolinas supports adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities in person-centered programs based in: Washington D.C., Northern Virginia and Southside Hampton Roads, with efforts in place to expand into Maryland. Supports are individualized to meet the person's needs and expectations, designed to enhance independence, and conducted in dynamic, positive learning environments

Many of the people receiving supports, in addition to having intellectual disabilities, may also have co-occurring conditions, including: specialized medical/dietary concerns, mobility challenges, and/or behavioral issues. Services are carefully designed to provide the necessary nursing, behavioral and other support services, including enhanced supervision and/or crisis stabilization, through a thoughtful and compassionate approach. Supports are provided with the ultimate goal of bringing purpose and meaning to peoples' lives.

Programs are implemented by an attentive and caring workforce that is carefully-screened, well-trained, and knowledgeable. In addition to supporting people with disabilities to learn and maintain skills of personal care and daily living, staff are responsible for ensuring that people become more involved in their own communities, as they:

      • conduct their routine business interactions – shopping, banking, paying bills
      • access educational, vocational, social, recreational, and leisure activities
      • participate in events that reflect their interest
      • plan special events such as vacations, parties and other celebrations
      • connect (or reconnect) people with friends, neighbors and family members
      • build relationships with others who are not paid to support them

Individual rights are protected and maximized through a series of organizational and quality assurance systems, including Human Rights Committees, Behavior Management Committees, and Self-Advocacy meetings.

The I/DD Program leadership is comprised of professionals with advanced educational degrees and decades of experience working with a variety of service categories. These professionals are engaged in on-going training opportunities and keep up-to-date with best practices within their fields. Additionally, Volunteers of America Chesapeake engages all professional leadership staff to participate in internal and external leadership events, designed for on-going skill enhancement.