VOAC Core Service Agency

Address: 2nd Floor 508 Kennedy Street NW Washington DC 20011
Grantee Coverage Areas: Washington DC

Phone: (202) 223-9630

Fax: (202) 223-9632

Hours of Operation:

  • Monday/Wed/Friday 9AM – 6 PM
  • Tuesday/Thursday 9AM-9PM (After 5 by appointment)
  • Saturday 9AM-1PM (by appointment only)
  • *Community Support/Care Coordination staff are in the community after 5 and sometimes on weekends by appointment only.

Program Description
The VOAC Core Service Agency is an outpatient Behavioral Health Clinic licensed by the District of Columbia Department of Behavioral Health to act as a Core Service Agency or “home" agency for assigned consumers who have been diagnosed with a Mental Illness. Our service goals are designed to:

  1. Facilitate and improve the consumers overall mental health functioning.
  2. Decrease factors that contribute to psychiatric relapse.
  3. Achieve rehabilitation and recovery goals.
  4. Increase the consumers' capability to engage in independent living.

Eligibility criteria include:

  1. They are in need of program services and have been assigned to the WDC-CSA by DBH (Department of Behavioral Health) Access Help Line
    • Access Helpline phone number 1(888)793-4357.
  2. Have a valid ICD/DSM V mental health diagnosis.
  3. Consumers must be eligible for services under the DC Public Mental Health System.
  4. Consumers must be able to benefit from the services available from VOAC; and consumers must be willing to participate in the program.

Facility Description
The VOAC Core service agency is located in Ward 4 of the District of Columbia.

Persons Served
Services are only provided to DC residents with qualifying insurance and diagnosis.

Services Provided
Diagnostic Assessment/Evaluations* Counseling* Mental Health Rehabilitation Day Services* Health Home Services* Medication Management* Illness Management Groups* Community Support and referrals to local community agencies. We are also currently licensed to provide Substance Abuse Services and hope to start providing services latter in the year (pending DBH funding).

Staffing Pattern
FTE: 22 PTE: 1, Contractors: 2

Volunteers of America Chesapeake Inc. Core Service Agency was licensed in 2006 by the District of Columbia Department of Behavioral Health to provide comprehensive behavioral health services to adults who are living with the symptoms of a mental illness.

Guided by our Core Values: Caring, Respect, Faith, Quality and Trust Volunteers of America Chesapeake's mission is to inspire self-reliance, dignity and hope through health and human services.

The services provided by our Core Service Agency are based on the following principles of practice: 1. Our services are consumer and family driven and are tailored to and guided by an individualized comprehensive service plan. 2. Our services are high quality, culturally responsive and coordinated. 3. Our services are outcomes driven and focused on early identification and intervention. 4. Services and interventions are strengths based and will be provided in the least restrictive environment. 5. Interventions used are Best Practice and Person Centered.