Administrative Staff

Lanham Administrative Office

  • Russell K. Snyder

    President and CEO

  • Candace Vanderwater, MS LMFT

    Chief Operating Officer

  • Suzanne Tobin

    Chief Financial Officer

  • George Lino

    Vice President, Human Resources, Administration & Organizational Excellence

  • Nicholle Granger

    Executive Program Director of Fundraising & Development

  • Melissa Scholfield, MS

    Director, Human Resources

  • Keturah Parker, MBA

    Project Manager

  • Andrew Schofield

    Director, Information Technology

  • Mike DeCinti

    Manager, Marketing and Communications

  • Geneva Tiggle

    Executive Director Organizational Excellence

Program Operations

  • Sheryl A. Neverson, Ph.D., LCSW-C, LICSW

    Vice President, Maryland

  • Nicholette Smith-Bligen

    Vice President, Washington, DC

  • Gwendolyn McQueeney, LMSW

    Vice President, Virginia

  • Tiana Joyner

    Vice President, Carolinas

  • Jim Sents

    Vice President, Housing & Asset Management