5 Weeks of Giving 2017

Over the next 5 weeks, we'll give you an inside look into our work at Volunteers of America Chesapeake. We will share the stories of the clients we serve, our employees, and our initiatives to instill self-sufficiency and hope into vulnerable men, women, and children in our region, including people dealing with homelessness, mental illness, substance abuse, and intellectual disabilities.

We hope hearing our stories will encourage you to join us on our mission to help thousands more people in Maryland, DC, and Virginia. Your dollars help change lives everyday in Maryland, DC, and Virginia. Join the conversation on Facebook, Twitter, our blog, and our website.

  • 5 Weeks of Giving

    Watch this video and learn how we make a difference every day!

  • Visionary

    Watch this video to see our CEO, Russ Snyder give his vision for Volunteers of America Chesapeake.

  • One Body

    Watch this video to see a first-hand account of the life changing work that happens at Volunteers of America every day.

  • Benevolent Fund

    Watch this video to learn how employees help each other overcome difficult times.

  • A True desire to help

    Learn how Milton Sanchez, Director of Quality Improvement/Clinical Manager, explains his passion for reducing the stigma of mental illness.

  • A Cry for Help

    Learn how Volunteers of America Chesapeake supports vulnerable people whose cries are sometimes unheard.

  • Integrity

    Watch this video to learn how workers build trust through honest and faithful behavior.

  • Compassion

    Watch this video to learn how selfless acts of kindness help transform lives.

  • Transformation

    Watch this video to learn how a person’s life can be transformed with a little care and opportunity.

  • We are here for you

    Watch this video to learn more about how VOAC Core Service Agency provides holistic life changing support through focused and uniquely crafted services.

  • Unity and Helping Others

    How a mother overcame homelessness and was able to find employment and happiness, with the help of Volunteers of America and its partner, Residential One.

  • The Definition of Excellence

    Masica Jordan, PHD, explains what separates us from every other nonprofit.